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Hello I'm a newbie too

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Re: Hello I'm a newbie too

Post by katyjay on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:39 am

Hi hun and welcome, I did LL too at the end of 2008 but fell pregnant 3 weeks in so that was the end of that! You can't return stuff no but there is a swap shop

I bought the total veg soups, ick as soups, yum as crisps, I have those a lot now!!!!

I then tried the onion ones thinking theyd be like clear onion but it was cream of onion, bluuuuueerrrgghhhhhhh, sorry if tmi, but they literally smelled of they went in the bin

Then tried the tomato ones, I thought they were ok at first then ordered 2 more boxes then I went right of them.....currently trying to offload them on the swap shop!

Good Luck for your May target

Katy x


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Re: Hello I'm a newbie too

Post by stargazerlily on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:34 am

Hi Sandie, im not sure if they take them back but sure ive seen a swap thing on here? (im new as well lol)
i got the tomato soups and felt the same,i drank it but it was a struggle. I think im going to stick to the shakes, which are lovely! and the hot choc sounds nice as well. good luck x


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Hello I'm a newbie too

Post by Sandie on Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:50 am

Hello everyone,

After trying that "other" expensive diet (LL) last year, i have decided to try the Kee Diet instead. However, after reading other peoples reviews about how it tastes better than LL i decided to go ahead and buy 4 weeks worth of packs. Afterall, LL worked for me and i loved it..... Well imagine my dismay when today i opened my first pack of soup, which happened to be cream of tomato, and mixed it as it told me too and i just couldn't get past the first mouthful without feeling really queasy. Now i have 6 packets of soup that i know i just can't drink. Does anyone know if the Kee Diet take packs back if you don't like them? (I should have learned my lesson as the LL tomato soup was just the same). I can't see anything on the website indicating whether they do or not nor do i know who to ask. I know this kind of diet works for me so i am hoping to lose 3 stones by the middle of May. Smile




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Re: Hello I'm a newbie too

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