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Post by KeeBeeKate on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:52 am

Next week is Halloween affraid but of course this weekend being close to it, its when most of the parties are!

Its my turn to host the annual fancy Dress party out of our friends and family..... this time last year i was a couple of stone heavier and wasnt on the diet! I remember eating lots of party cakes and going OTT with the celebrations (Im very much a party animal when it comes to it) - throw in a costume and im even more into it..This year im a vampiress and have gone whole hogg with the house decorations and my outfit. My OH is a mad professor (not literally lol) and i have equally sorted his costume in great detail! Embarassed We always have a really great time but im a little worried as to the food preparations...

I need to find a way of providing normal food for every one yet not kill the hardwork i have done with my weightloss. Im not following rapid burn so i do eat real food i just need to find a good way of curbing the 'getting caught up in the moment' thing and going mad... then the next morning wonder what happened!
Im one of those people that when they cater they 'cater' its not a case of bring your own this or that... if im doing it then im doing it, i dont believe in people paying for their own stuff at 'my' party etc. I can look at the success ive had and in a split second it can go out of the window - ive done it before but this time i need for it to not happen...but i dont know how to prevent it- i need to learn how to stay in control yet still have equally a good time as when i do if im shoving cake down my neck lol

Any one got any Halloween plans and facing the same prob or have you got plans and already have a clever plan of how to control yourself? In need of some coaching here!...

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