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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies

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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Re: Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:49 pm

Hi Helen! Glad you found us - you will find that we are a happy and friendly lil bunch on here and all share our struggles and triumphs! If you have any queries that you are needing help with then you can post on here and one of us admins will help you out- or you can PM us if its anything that you dont want to put on the forum :-)
Glad that you are joining us- let us know how you are getting on once your packs arrive!

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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Thanks for the welcome girlies

Post by helendalton on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:55 am

Aw, thanks girlies for the messages, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and will start to post in the section about the journey bounce


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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Re: Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies

Post by Annabelle on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:10 am

Welcome aboard Helen!!

I actually found the lighter life meetings rather tedious and a tad patronising!!

I know i scoff food, i know why i scoff food and i dont need flip charts or kiddy type exercises to tell me so, plus my LL coach was at least a couple of stones over weight so that was hardly inspiring LOL

tomorrow is my second week's weigh in so ur not far behind me and i have at least 4 stone to lose, 5 if i reeeeeally want to be a goddess (hardy har!!) so welcome to kee and my/our random postings and banter.

Look forward to seeing how you get on

Belle x

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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Newbie bla bla blah......

Post by Wendy Brew on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:10 am

Right Helen you sound loads of fun, personally I think that's going to be a good thing..
You' LL need one to keep doing something so drastic,and out of your comfort zone..A few newbies have started recently ...Annabelle and myself have been inmates for a while read our pages from the start then you'll get to know us and our journeys so far....Both Belle and myself have done LL but not speaking for Belle, I much prefer this, it's very personal, we care, we laugh,it's sort of informative ADMIN kick in with relevant info .....we just say it as we see it, understand it and lived it....
Foods are equal to LL ...meetings are daily or more if needed your choice..the costs as you well know are in your favour here... I truly think you'll go further being here...good luck ...WENDY BREW X

Wendy Brew

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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies

Post by helendalton on Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:25 am

Good evening Keebies, well I have taken the plunge and ordered a months supply of goodies which I hope will arrive tomorrow. I've reduced my carb intake over the last couple of days in the hope that my withdrawal won't be to manic. The science behind all this fascinates me and I really think this is the way forward for me.

Here's how I came to visit this site and why, sorry mods it'll be a tad long but will amuse everyone I hope.

I went to an induction with Lighter Life a week last Saturday and have to say the lady was brilliant and had me totally sold. She gave me a medical form to take to my Dr for him to fill out and sign to say that I am medically fit to do a VLCD. I thought this would be a piece of cake as my BMI is just under 40 (yes, I'll share that with you all, I have about six stones to lose!).

I telephoned the surgery to make my appointment and was absolutely stunned by what happened.

As normal the receptionist asked what it was for, I told her and she informed me that they wouldn't agree to me doing any other diet than the one that their surgery offers Suspect . As you can imagine I was a bit put out (to say the least). I asked to speak with her superior and was passed over to another snotty b***h that backed her up.

I was not a happy bunny and when I left work I went straight to the surgery and asked to speak with the practice manager. She was out but I was informed that the assistant practice manager would come out to see me. She kept me waiting for 20 minutes but I managed to keep my cool with her. She took me into one of the Dr's rooms where I set my mobile phone to voice recorder and placed it on the table as we engaged in a slightly heated discussion with regard to their decision.
I pointed out that I felt that they had a conflict of interest as I'm sure they receive funding for their little slimming clinic and I informed her that I would go to the local paper and my Ombudsman if they did not reconsider their decision.

She backed up what I had already been told on the phone and I pointed out that all I was asking for them to do was, with my permission, complete a medical questionnaire for a specific company and for this I was willing to pay a fee. The fact it was a diet company should not allow them to discriminate and refuse to sign the form. I pointed out that if I had got a job on the rigs or required the form for life insurance and had submitted a medical questionnaire then would they be giving me such grief?
I also pointed out that they themselves are constantly pecking my head about losing weight and now the minute I decide to do something about it they want to block me at the first hurdle.

I pointed out that I was not happy that they were taking away my choice as to how I wanted to tackle my weight problem and told her that I found it totally unacceptable and that if they didn't agree to fill out and sign the form off that I would definitely take the matter further.

It ended up with her asking me to leave the form with her for the Dr to have a look at and she would call me back later that afternoon or the next morning.

Did she phone me? Nah! Did I expect her to? Nah!

Off I went back to the surgery the day after ready to do battle only to be greeted with the fact that my form had been signed off! Result!

The assistant practice manager appeared with my form in an envelope and full of apologies for the misunderstanding. She explained that the Dr had put on my blood pressure reading that had been taken two weeks earlier on a routine visit and that the only thing not filled in was my pulse rate as obviously I wasn't there for him to do it. She then offered for me to go in with the practice nurse to have my pulse rate taken then and there (unheard of let me tell you - normally wait two weeks for an appointment!). Once taken, the nurse entered the info onto my form and the job was complete.

Only one thing remained to be sorted - the fee. This had not been mentioned at all and I went back to the practice manager and made a point of asking her how much I owed them. Interestingly she didn't appear to know this and stuck her head through the door to the office at the back of her and asked the people there what the charge was for this type of form. I was laughing inside, she proper looked inefficient and this tickled me pink. I piped up that I thought the appropriate charge was about £15 and she turned to me and said "Oh yes, £15" - you couldn't make it up could you?

I handed her the £15 and thanked her for her help and left with my completed form - Phew, what a 'mare!

So, I had my essential form that would allow me to register with Lighter Life, I was very happy.

Then, as always, something happened to rain on my parade! My boiler lost its will to live and I've had to use pretty much all of my savings to replace the little b****r! Not enough funds left to do Lighter Life! Gutted!

Then my wonderful hubby suggested looking for the food packs on the internet. Brilliant! I found you lot! Food packs for a third of the price and hubby says I can have them, we'll have enough money to do it this way. I'm a happy bunny once again.

I won't have the weekly support group that I'd get with Lighter Life so I shall be relying heavily on all you guys for the support I know I'm gonna need so I hope you're all up for keeping me motivated and on the right track.

Thanks for taking time to read my post, I promise they won't all be as long as this Laughing
and I look forward to forging some great relationships here with you all

L8rs peeps


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Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies Empty Re: Newbie awaiting arrival of supplies

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