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Up, Up and away!

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Re: Up, Up and away!

Post by slimmer mikey on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:56 pm

Do enjoy your holiday.

It sounds like you now have far more awareness of your holiday food so you should do OK.

Forget the scales too. It sounds like you are almost trying to provide yourself with an acceptable excuse for falling off the wagon. If you identify another potential problem such as that then your resolve should be to do the next step and find a way to mitigate that problem rather than leaving it to do it's worst, if that makes sense.

Have a great time. Very Happy

slimmer mikey

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Up, Up and away!

Post by KeeBeeKate on Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:31 pm

Well, its that time of year again! Holidays!......

Need to justify a few things in my head and i find places like this the best type of vent because by typing my thoughts its down to people if they read it or not, so i feel better for getting it out and no one is obliged to listen lol

I am off to France for 2 weeks as my OH's family have a cottage over there. I am planning to take with me some shakes for breakfast and see how i go. Im not a lover of breakfast and think that was a major downfall for me before i started the diet. I was missing my main meal of the day....I still find it almost impossible to eat anything before 10am however the shakes are a revelation for me as i dont feel like i am eating etc etc! I sip at it over the course of 20 mins or so whilst the family have their granola and i dont feel like i am missing out..infact i feel like ive got the better choice which is nice....unless they have bacon and egg etc before a daytrip out. Then i do occasionally give in but will have the shake for a lunch instead which i am happy with- especially if its a busy day at the zoo or beach. I just put the sachet into my shaker, pop it into my bag and add water when i need it from a bottle that ive bought. im happy to do that as its quick and easy and balances out the heavy breakfast ...I find it impossible having the spaghetti or cott pie meal packs when i go away as we are all in one big house and tend to eat out of an evening in big groups or BBQ a lot.

- i do sometimes think back to holidays a few years ago and id be gorging on tubs of French Ice cream, cheeses and lots of french bread however over the past few trips across the water i have been much better and cut the cheeses, cut the ice cream and cut the bread right down... i still have enough to keep my brain satisfied (i eat with head hunger not tummy hunger!) but i know now what my body can and cant tolerate. My body is much less tolerant of carbs and i bloat very quickly if i have too much so i have learned to respect and understand the food that i eat rather than abuse it like i used to.

I know that i will put on over the holiday but i am fully expectant of that - its not like ill go away completely deluded and come back wondering why ive gained- like i used to! Food education has been something that i have embraced a lot in the past few months and i hope that by having a shake every morning - and making informed BBQ and meal choices whilst there then the damage wont be too bad. I am a little scared of facing the scales when i come home so my sub-concious 'angel' on my shoulder is wondering whether to take the scales with me, as a weekly weigh has become a real part of me that ive grown to rely on - i wouldnt like to feel that im cut off from that as it might cause panic and result in me falling off the wagon. Although i like to enjoy a holiday to its fullest and indulge a bit i dont want to allow myself to undo the hard work and results that i have already achieved...I plan to walk the village at least twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner. Its a little hilly so will get a good breathing pattern going!

Anyway beginning to ramble a bit now -just had to say all that and look at it as a bit of an affirmation that i can do this successfully - thanks for reading my musings!

Happy Holidays all!
Like a Star @ heaven


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