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Milestone reached!

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Re: Milestone reached!

Post by KeeBeeKate on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:19 am

Awww thats lovely! so nice to hear that things are taking shape for you! With the wedding coming up it must be amazing to have got down to a weight that you feel more comfortable with! Right there with you on that...cant wait to lose enough so i feel like that... i have lost just over a stone myself and while that feels good, i cant begin to imagine the feeling i will experience when i stand infront of the mirror around christmas time and see the person looking back at me that i have lost sight of for almost ten years.... i often wondered where she went but i think ill find her before long... a little bit of her is rearing her 'confidence' head already Smile

Keep it up (and the trousers lol) let us know how you are doing as the wedding nears

Like a Star @ heaven

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Re: Milestone reached!

Post by slimmer mikey on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:42 pm

Is sounds like you are doing a great job there hawklans. I can see how the wedding is an upcoming event that will give you lots of willpower. You will be looking great in your wedding suit. 5st gone already is amazing.

Keep it up!!!

slimmer mikey

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Milestone reached!

Post by hawklans on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:14 pm

Well at last I've passed a massive milestone. It's been a funny week as although for the past few months I've lost weight each week averaging 4lbs without fail this week as I approached this major milestone the weight has refused to budge. However this mornings weigh in I have finally got my BMI below 30. This means I am no longer "obese" but just overweight. Odd thing to be so pleased about but I started this journey morbidly obese, and now mt BMI is 29.8.

So I'm almost 5 and a half stone down and many many inches smaller. With just about 2 and a half stone left I should be done to a healthy BMI just before Christmas. That's assuming I put on a little bit over the wedding and honeymoon. I have my last fitting for my morning suit on Wednesday so now the challenge is to not lose too much between then and the wedding (11th August) as I'm sure my wife to be wont be happy if my trousers fall down during the ceremony!


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Re: Milestone reached!

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