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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

Post by hawklans on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:02 pm

Hi and welcome! It will be great to read your blog especially as you are doing it differently to my own version of the plan. I've tried all or nearly all the food packs and like you I really enjoy the cottage pie and also make it with more water than the mixing instructions say. I found I really like the chili too, so maybe worth you grabbing one satchet to try it. I don't use many of the bars, although I really like them all, but I've heard that some people find they restrict weight loss so am very cautious - I think this is very much down to each persons body as I also know of plenty of people who eat them with no problems.


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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

Post by KeeBeeKate on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:44 pm

Hi Michael

Lovely to read your story of life till now! Very Happy I hope you are looking forward to life from now onwards Very Happy
I have followed the new you plan for a little while now and i have lost 1stone and 2.5lbs. Its not coming off as quick as i would like but after having a few tests with the Dr I have now found a way of working with my body and am finally losing regularly (Hit a low point where it wasnt shifting and then realised through tests that i have several ailments that all hinder weightloss!..lucky me!)
Anyway i am 26 years old and i weighed in at 20st 3lbs at my biggest in February -now i am 18st 12lbs and i feel better already... i am just starting to notice that my clothes are sittting differently and little bits of me look 'nicer' lol
I also work in the office here at kee - which is how i tried the diet in the first place! I enjoy a lot of the products but there are of course some that i am not so keen on! Laughing Its great to hear from you and i will really look forward to reading your updates - when we are all fighting the flab together its great to help each other stay motivated and blogs are a great way to do it

Good luck, speak soon


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Hello everybody Empty Hello everybody

Post by slimmer mikey on Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:20 pm

Hi, my name is Michael.

I'm joining the forum so that I can blog my progress over the next couple of weeks.

A bit of background: three years ago my other half did LL and lost about 4 st (put it all back on) and towards the end of that I joined in with the Protikee stuff for a couple of weeks . I lost a stone and went from about 12st down to around 11st.

The back in November 10 I did Protikee for a month and went from just under 13st to about 11st once again. That stayed off until me and my ex split up early last year and the weight came back as I just didn't really care at the time.

Over the last year I have been doing quite a lot of exercise using programmes like P90X and Insanity. I really love doing these and they also have diets that you should follow. Although I do a reasonable job I'm not great with the food. I have had a few problems which have interrupted the exercise such as a bad back, and a bad shoulder from a stairs/hoover incident. Once the exercise stops I tend to eat utter rubbish, mainly because I get really fed up.

My diet has been a bit rubbish since Easter really, and I've had the bad back flare up again towards the end of May, so it's been on and off for 2 months. Last time I did some exercise I jarred my back just doing a jumping jack so I've decided to take a proper break from too much exercise and wait until my back is completely OK before doing anything else. I have eaten such crap over the last few weeks so I'm looking to get rid of some tummy. I wouldn't be able to do Protikee while exercising anyway so I'm going to make best use of my sabbatical.

I've got four days of 'normal' but good food lined up, then I have 2 weeks of Protikee to do. I'll be having porridge in the mornings. I've not tried Protikee porridge before, I finished off some LL ones that my ex didn't like. I've got a box of ordinary and a box of maple (sounds lovely!!). I've then got choccy shakes during the day - the Protikee choccy shakes a fantastic (unless they have been changed since Nov 10) - looking forward to those. And in the evening I've got the cottage pie. I usually make them with extra water, and I preferred then to the spaghetti, not tried the chilli. I sometimes add some extra veg. Pudding is then a choccy wafer - yummy - only the one though, so one box will last the two weeks. I love the Protikee bars too, the chocolate truffle and the caramel crisp ones are superb, but I've not ordered any at the moment. I might also have one treat a week like one piece of KFC or a big sausage from the chippy, this worked fine last time.

So, I'm going to blog my next 18 days of food just because I know it will help me through now that I'm doing this on my own. I hope it's not too boring if anybody reads it. I'll hopefully follow some other people and offer some encouragement too.


slimmer mikey

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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

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