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Progress so far

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Brill Kee Weight Loss

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:45 am

Hi, how brilliant are you ??

As long as your target is realistic and no lower than a 22 - 20 BMI keep going until you reach your personal goal, otherwise you never feel completed. Brill weight loss, look in a mirror, give yourself a huge smile and pat on the back. I love you

All the best flower

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Progress so far

Post by hawklans on Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:28 pm

Well this morning's weigh in went well - 2lbs down and now overall I'm at 71lbs loss since starting on the 10th March (over 3 diet plans though) and I'm hitting a fairly steady 4lbs a week. However in size it seems to be much better, and I'm shrinking more than the weight loss shows. Bought some new trousers 3 weeks ago which were a big snug and now they are soon to be heading to the recycling pile as they are starting to get to the point where they are falling down.

I've also put on some jeans I bought many many years ago but never really fitted - it might even be over 10 years ago - and they felt really good and I even had to go buy some new jeans. I've gone from being a 42/44 waist to now I'm on size 34. I've basically filled two black bin liners with cloths that no longer fit! I'm trying not to buy too much new stuff as I seem to be shrinking so quickly.

Oh and I'm starting to get the "oh you musnt lose anymore weight you will look unwell" comments - which always make me laugh. Whether or not you agree with BMI scales or with any of the calculators which show your "healthy" weight I'm still a fair way off that. I have just under 3st to lose to get me to 12 1/2 stone (I'm 5'10), and although its going slowly I still have fat around my waist and thighs. Odd how some things go so quickly, i've gone from a size 17.5 collar to now a 16.

My wedding is getting closer - I think I have four weeks of diet left at most before the wedding week at which point I will be coming off the diet for a week or so. I'm then getting straight back into it for the four weeks between the wedding and the honeymoon. I'm going to try to be as good as possible, maybe even sticking to having shakes/porridge with normal meals outside of that whilst i'm off the diet and hopefully wont put too much back on.

The honeymoon will blow alot of it of course, its not america but the food in Canada will be very different from my diet - but on the upside we will be much more active so hope that will balance some of it.

After the honeymoon I'll be back on Kee - Assuming no disasters I will then be on target to hit 12 1/2 stone by Christmas and then I'll put together a plan to ease myself off the diet and onto a healthy maintenance plan, including getting fit.

Oh the one bad side affect of losing weight? I'm really feeling the cold! No built in insulation to keep me warm and even though its summer the days when the temp drops a bit I really notice. Considering I rarely wear anything heavier than a t-shirt I think I'm going to have to invest in some jumpers this winter!


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