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Some stats

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Re: Some stats

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:00 am

fab stuff!

This will really keep you motivated throughout your weightloss!

Isnt it wonderful to see the weight coming off in other ways than just on the scales...and as you say, a weightloss can still happen and be noticed bodily without it showing on the scales.....

Keep updating us with your progress


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Re: Some stats

Post by KeeBeeKate on Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:49 am

Thats a really great motivator Hawklans!! I was really interested to read your changes - and it gave me good motivation myself to keep it up! Im currently doing ok after sorting out some health matters but its great to see whats to possibly come as i continue the journey!

Big thumbs up to you... cheers
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Some stats

Post by hawklans on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:01 pm

As promised here are some stats around my current weight loss - unfortunately I didnt keep a record from day one which is such a pity as the numbers would be even more motivating, and I didnt get the new scales until later in the diet.

So firstly my stats around body measurements. Although I did start doing this much earlier I didnt keep the records, so this is taken from the first measurements on the 10th April, up to last saturday (23rd June). During this period I've lost 2st & 1lb.

Area Loss
Neck 3cm
Chest 10cm
Tummy 16cm
Waist 7cm
Hips 12.5cm
Thigh 11cm

So overall you can see i've shrunk everywhere, even my neck which I never thought of as being "fat" - and due to only going back to the 10th of April this is only really showing about half of my weight loss which in total is 4st 7lbs since the 10th March. As you can see taking the time each week (and of course on day one) to measure is such a great way of staying motivated as it shows the "real" loss even more so than the scales.

As I've mentioned I've been lucky enough to recieve a set of scales that also measures my other stats, Fat %, Bone, Water & Muscle. Since the 8th of April i've managed to drop my body fat percentage by a massive 14.1%, again this is only for half of the weight I've lost so far. Interestingly my water content has gone up by over 10% so I'm much better hydrated as well!. I've not lost any significant muscle mass either, and in fact in the past few weeks this has increased slowly, and of course I've not lost any bone mass.

I'm sure most of you may not want to be quite as numbers focused as I am, but even just measuring some of these stats for yourself once a week will prove to be a real boost, especially for those times when the weight loss slows down or you struggle for motivation. Its perfectly possible to lose nothing one week but still lose centimeters around the middle!


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Re: Some stats

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