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Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

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Re: Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

Post by susieQ on Fri May 18, 2012 4:54 am

Thanks Clemmie, Sarah abd Danni!! and wow on the loss you have had so far!!
Today has been easier, and I haven't really felt hungry, have been reading the forum a lot, it's so inspiring how well everyone is/has doing/done, I had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning, couldnt resist abd I'm down 2 pounds already, putting a big fat smile on my face!
Splitting the veggie allowance is genius! Hadn't thought of that thanks for the tip Sarah :-) and I think im your emotional eating twin lol
Clemmie, 8 pounds in a week is amazing!! What a start!! congratulations chick, you must be beyond pleased!
Danni, I look forward to telling you all about my loss too :-))
Lots of love
Susie xx


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Re: Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

Post by Dannib78 on Thu May 17, 2012 7:37 pm

Hey Susie

Good luck on your first week hopefully when I'm back ill be reading of your great loss in the first week!!!

Don't give up as thats the easy option you can do it!!!

Danni xx

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Re: Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Thu May 17, 2012 6:18 am

Hi Susie,

Welcome to the diet, and the forum.

It's quite natural to feel hungry in the first few days, but bear with it, and my way of coping was to just drink lots of hot drinks like decaf tea/coffee, as it helped to make me feel full.

Definitely have your veg/salad allowance with your meals. I split mine between lunch and dinner, so that it meant I felt more satisfied after those meals. Once you are into ketosis after Day 3, you will find the craving to eat begins to fade more and more.

I'm an emotional eater too; I eat when I'm happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, you name it. There's always a reason to eat. Nowadays I have to almost remind myself to eat my meals, my appetite has been suppressed so much, and that is a massive relief. It's like being let off the hook by grub, at long last.

I've heard that reaction to the LL sessions before, by a friend of mine. I think this forum has been a real positive influence for many of us. It definitely helped me to stay sane, and keep me on the straight and narrow in the early weeks. It was good to read other people doing the same thing, at different stages, and some the same.

I felt really cold for the first week of doing the diet, and very tired, so I just wrapped up warm, and had plenty of early nights. Sometimes it's as well to listen to your body. After that I began to feel better and better. I did get dry skin, but now that I've introduced nuts into my diet, as snacks, it's glowing, and I feel much better. My energy levels are normal, and I'm capable of resisting any foods now.

I work as a home baker, so am surrounded by temptation on a daily basis, but even that hasn't been hard to deal with. I can bake cakes all day now, and not want to eat any of them, which is unheard of for me. Obviously getting rid of those triggers in my diet has been the key. I'm always going to be wary of carbs now, and once I hit my target weight will want to follow a plan where they are still limited.

I'm on Week 10 and am 3lb away from a 2 stone loss. I've even had to contend with a couple of meals with family/friends during that time, and still lost every week.

Good luck with your journey, and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Sarah x

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Re: Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

Post by Clemmie_d on Thu May 17, 2012 5:40 am

Welcome Suzie,

I'm Clemmie, I've been doing the diet a week so quite new too. Well done for making the choice to do something really positive for yourself! I lost 8lbs the first week. The diet is getting easier I'm much less hungry than I was last week.

There's lots of choice and I find having your veg allowance helps me with keeping hunger at bay. I can see the difference in my body after only 8lbs and I have quite a bit to lose.

Let us know how you are getting on. I feel great though. I did the Cambridge Diet and don't think I felt this good.

Look forward to hearing about your weight loss success!

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Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

Post by susieQ on Thu May 17, 2012 2:39 am

Hi all,
Just wanted to say high to everyone, i started today, am getting hungry now, but i'm not gonna lapse on day 1!!!
Need to loose 3 stone in total, i have been majorly gaining over the past 3 months, i'm the original emotional eater and god knows the last few months have been emotional!!, i did do lighter life a few yeas a go, i lost about a stone before leaving mainly because of £££ but also hated the group sessions and my councillor making food seem like a bad thing, if anything rather then help me with any food issues, she created more!
So here goes with this... wish me luck!! any advice gratefully received Smile

Take care
Susie x


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Re: Lets do this!!!! Newbie saying hi :-)

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