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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:19 am


Welcome to KeeBees.

You're in the right place for plenty of support and encouragement here. How did your Day 2 go? Are you enjoying the packs?

I've not done a VLCD before, other than a bit of Slimfast shakes/bars, but it was reading about all the choice of this plan that really sold it to me. To discover it was half the price of some of the other better known plans was just a bonus.

Like you, I've been many different weights and sizes before, as have most of us. My weight goes up if I'm stressed, or happy. I do think that contentment can make you indulge, and I find it hard because my OH is a bit of a slim jim, can eat anything he likes, and always stays the same weight, if not losing weight. Now that IS annoying!

Sorry to hear your fiance is so poorly, what a worrying time it must have been for both of you. I hope he recovers from his recent complications soon. Focussing on your big day later this summer is a good thing though, and I think you'll probably find a lot of determination to do well by having that to aim for. Let's face it, if you OH can endure all his treatments, then we can all cope with a bit less food, and the Kee packs, can't we?

Let us know how you're getting along, and there's invariably one of us popping our head round the door here at different times of the day.

Good luck!

Sarah x

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Hello everybody Empty Hi Lyn ....

Post by trazzer on Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:22 am

Hi Lyn
Welcome to Kee Bees , just want to wish you good luck with your diet journey . What better motivation to spur you on than your wedding eh ... Get stuck in and I bet it won't be long before your wedding dress is doing up easily . The Kee Diet really is very pallitable so hopefuly you won't find it too difficult to follow , especially with being an ex L/L lady . ( I've also done L/L in the past ) anyway once again good luck and I hope your other half makes a speedy recovery .....
Trazzer X Very Happy


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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

Post by Dannib78 on Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:55 am


Welcome!! And wow you do have a lot on your plate your a very brave lady to take on this diet but I think you have the incentive to keep you motivated and your husband to be will knocked out when he sees you on your wedding day.

We all have good days and bad ones but we're still here doing our best and have great results I've lost 19lb in 4 weeks and the others have done fabulously too. It does work just keep up the water and if you remember from LL the frequent toilet visits!!

Good luck and keep us posted

Danni xxx

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Hello everybody Empty Hello everybody

Post by wifetobe on Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:30 pm

Hi all - just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, tell you a bit about me and why now and hopefully get some support from those of you already on the plan. My name is Lyn and I am 54 and live in Devon - I have had a weight problem pretty much all my life and at present am 16.9 but have been as much as 20 stone, in 1996 I lost almost six stone on Lighter Life going down to 13 which I was very comfortable with. Then I met someone and got happy and back it piled until I found myself at my present weight, I really did not want to do Lighter Life again - my life at the moment is simply too complicated to attend meetings and it is so so expensive so I was delighted when I found the Kee Plan and it tastes nicer too ! I am due to be married on August 18th of this year but sadly my partner was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer last year and has had major surgery and chemo and is currently in hospital with complications and an infection so although it may not seem the ideal time to be embarking on a VLCD to me it feels right. I have to remain positive and believe I will be walking down that aisle in August and I sure aint going to do it this size ! I am just finding my way around the site at the moment and hope this is in the right place. Today was day one of my diet and I am really happy to have started it - tried my wedding dress on the other day - goes on buo it doesnt do up !!


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Hello everybody Empty Re: Hello everybody

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