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Hello All :D

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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:43 am

Thanks very much for the water info. That makes sense to me, so I'm going to make sure I have a bottle of water with me at all times, and sip it throughout the day. I also like the idea of having some 'rules' where I have to have a glass before meals, and between mealtimes. That way I'll be sure to have my fluid levels on target.

I've just got my email to confirm delivery has been arranged, which I hope means I'll get my 4 weeks' supply in the next day or so. I can't wait to crack on!

I went out with my partner this morning, and he wanted to stop and get lunch while we were out, but my resolve was strong, and I said he could get something, I'd be fine with that and just have a cuppa, but I wasn't going to be eating out until after July!

I had to re-do my ticker yesterday too, as I needed to lose another 1.5 stone from my original target to get to a healthy BMI, so that is me set to lose best part of 5 stone - eeek!!


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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Welcome S

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:28 pm

Welcome to the KeeDiet, glad you joined the forum, its great fun, great motivation and great for us here in Admin to see how you are getting on, and as mentioned we are always available to answer your post, usually a KeeBee gets there first LOL.

Love the quip Don't worry about the water, when you see what a difference it makes you'll be peminantly attached to the tap (i think keebees are causing the hose pipe ban!).

Your daily requirement is 2.5L although we do suggest 3L is preferrable for almost everyone apart from those on New You + Plan and smaller ladies. Any extra water is then a bonus, not taking sufficient water will most probably pull you off the diet, you feel tired both mentally and physically, your body aches, you feel hungry, the ketones released from broken down fat are too strong and you can feel unwell. You give in and take on lots of carbs or sugar which instantly makes you feel better. But then it hits home, you wasted 3-4 days of good dieting and need to start again.

The best tip for bad water drinkers is to set youself daily targets that fit with your lifestyle and you can keep to. Focus more on the water than taking your packs. Sounds mad but true.

For example drink water
500ml before breakfast is allowed
then 1 litre between breakfast and before lunch is allowed (thats 1.5 litre already)
then take your Lunch with Coffee / Tea if you wish
Then 1 litre between Lunch and before Dinner is allowed (thats 3 Litres gone) cheers
Then enjoy your Dinner plus a glass of water hopefully

You can use the ProtiKee water flavouring hot or cold, if at home you may prefer to have a room temperature bottle that you drink from or if at work purchase 500ml bottles you can carry around. Water is best drank continuously in small amounts, it has the greatest effect this way and remember to limit your tea and coffee, these generally reduce the amount of plain/sparkling water you drink and also act as a diruetic pulling some of the good water away to quickly.

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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by sophiejackson on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:06 am

hi Sarah,

Welcome and best of luck. I lost 4 1/2 stone on kee ad have kept it off for almost 2 years, this diet really can change your life. Don't worry about the water, when you see what a difference it makes you'll be peminantly attached to the tap (i think keebies are causing the hose pipe ban!). it can literally double your weightloss. Your kidneys (i think it's your kidneys) have to work really hard on this diet to process the fat and they needs lots of water to help them. if you dont like water there are flavour drops, and you can always add the drops to warm water if you prefer.

good luck!!!!! 3 1/2 stone may seem like a lot now, but just take one day at a time and if you stay on track you'll be at goal by july 1st! oooooooh and do take some before pics- even if they're for your eyes only. i didn't- was far too embarrased, but now i see everyone elses before and afters i wish i had just one truely aweful pic to show what kee has done Smile


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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:03 am

Thanks Imp & Sue for the warm welcome Smile

It was partly due to the warmth of the forum I saw, that prompted me to want to join.

I did Slimfast (but with 4 meal replacements a day, not just 2) about 5 years ago, and lost about 2 stone fairly quickly... then I got over-confident, thought I'd cracked it, and whilst the weight did stay off for most of that year, it then started to creep back on, especially after we'd been on holiday, and I just threw caution to the wind. Last year I did Slimming World, but after the initial stone loss, it just plateaued for months. Handing over that £5 a week for no weightloss was galling.

I really need the incentive that I know a vlcd can give me with that big boost of loss, and regular losses over the weeks. I'm keeping up my fluid intake, although I really struggle to just drink water, as I am not much of a cold drinks person. Does anyone else struggle with this? I drink lots of decaf tea.

I ordered the slow release supplements with my packs, but do you guys use the keytosis sticks at all? I've not used these before, but know a friend of mine did with lighterlife.

I've just told my partner that I'm embarking on yet another diet, and to be warned! lol He's the classic slim, fit kind of person, who can eat what he likes and still stay the same, or god forbid, even lose weight! He works as a maintenance guy for a well known fast food chain, and in the 5 months he's been there (eating the free food), he's lost 6lb in weight! Now where's the justice in that? It's partly because he is so fit that I feel I should do my bit and lose the lard!

I can't wait to be slimmer again... I have a whole wardrobe of clothes just waiting for me to shrink back into them again, and I'm sick of having to live and die in elasticated waisted sports trousers because none of my jeans fit me. I just know I'll feel better too, as my knees and ankles ache so much when I've been on my feet working all day, or just out shopping and walking around for a day. That's not right at my age.

Thanks again for the welcome, and I'll be dropping by here regularly to keep up with your progress, whilst hopefully reporting mine.

S x

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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by sue wilkes on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:53 am

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the keebees club. Well done on making the decision to change the rest of your life. I have been doing this diet for
3 weeks, week 4 started today and i am exactly 1 stone lighter and so happy about it.

Have you followed vlcd before, they take a bit of getting used to but once you are in ketosis its a lot easier.

Post on here often, you will get to know the girls, they are a really friendly bunch and remember we are all on the
same journey just at different stages.

Hope your packs arrive soon

Love sue x
sue wilkes
sue wilkes

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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by Imp on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:37 am

Welcome S!

We are all in the same boat to greater or lesser extent so you are in good company here and we are all very supportive of one another. Keep us posted and if you have questions the admin or one of us lot will jump in - usually all of us!

It really does work Smile


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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Hello All :D

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:05 am

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the Forum today, and ordered my 4 week starter pack, so hoping it arrives in the next day or two.

I'd started today determined I was going to do something positive about my ever increasing weight. I found some slimfast packs in my cupboard and have decided to do those until my KeePlan stuff arrives, as I think it will set me mentally off as I planned. I'd got it into my head 'the diet starts today', and it's a Monday, so makes perfect sense.

My initial target is that I want to be a stone lighter in 4 weeks time. I am going to my best friend and goddaughter's to stay, and my BFF has just started Cambridge Diet again. I've not told her I'm starting KP, but hope if it goes well for me, that I can introduce her to it too.

A little bit about me, as a way of introduction: I'm Sarah, age 45, and I've been overweight most of my life. I'm also short, so weight gain shows on me quickly, and I am really starting to physically feel the negative effects of my recent gain. I started my own baking business over a year ago, and as you can imagine, that's not exactly helped my battle of the bulge. I'm a busy mum of 4, although only 3 of my boys still live at home now. I want to lose a minimum of 3.5 stone, and hopefully more. To be a healthy BMI again would just be wonderful... I've not seen that in over 25 years!

I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better, and am busying myself reading all the positive progress reports on here.

S Smile

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Hello All :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Hello All :D

Post by Sponsored content

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