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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:06 pm

Welcome aboard and hope your dreams come true with us.... ProtiKee products are delicious and you are bound to find your favourites. Remember to drink the water in small amounts throughout the day. Use all your daily requirements it really helps and the weight loss is the same as if you only used products.

Excerise can be detrimental to a VLCD so be extra careful. First two weeks you are recommended to not excerise as such as your body is changing its source of energy from foods, glycogen etc to your bodies stored fat, this can take a while and the body works harder to supply your energy. If you over do it you can feel shaky, weak, tired, muscle cramps and it may be hard for you to continue. Try a bit more walking, take stairs instead of lifts and simply move around a little more for the first couple of weeks. Listen to your body it will tell you if you are overdoing it. You could then introduce light exercise, but we would always recommend that it is not too strenuous whilst following a programme with less than 1200kcal.

You may need an extra product a day if after the initial phase you wish to start exercise, but whilst following a programme with less than 800kcal beaware that if you are burning 500kcal in a work out you are not leaving yourself much for anything else. You may wish to follow a high programme dependant on the exercise you are following.

All the best

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Post by lollyrs on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:00 am

A friend has pursuaded me to sign up for a months Kee Plan, so I am now all excited and wondering what to expect.

Will it be easy or hard in the first week and will I have enough energy to keep up my fitness regime that I have just started.

Have yo yo dieted for years and have about 2 stone to lose..

Any tips encouragement or ideas for the first weeks expectations greatly appreciated


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