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day 4 woooohoooooo

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day 4 woooohoooooo Empty What a Brill cheat !!

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:32 am

Hi Loopylou, how wonderful for you, you must feel on top of the world, so pleased for you, have a great weight loss weekend.....

Think of how you feel now, just for a couple of seconds, how proud you feel, how you feel that you have controlled your eating, that you have possibly never done something like this before, what you have been through, turned down over the last few days, walked away from and your brilliant results reaped for all your determination, blow these thoughts into your hands and clasp your palms shut really tight whilst you are still feeling that wonderful feeling of self satisfication and twist your hands as giving yourself a handshake.

If you are really tempted this weekend hold out your hands together in the handshake way you left them, unlock to flat palms together and open as if a reading a book, remember how you felt when you blew all your positive thoughts, behaviour and results into them and remember how good you felt at this point, then think how let down you will feel in 10mins if you eat. Make your choice, remember every action has a reaction, either positive or negative and only you can decide.

Then turn away very very quickly out of the room and make sure you leave the food behind you.

Said as a joke but amazing that if you really bubble over with how good you feel when blowing into your hands you will be transported back there when unlock them and hopefully will give you the strength to say "NO, I don't want it"...."I want to be slim more"....

Worth a go, weekends can be difficult, try anything to keep on the right path... Double figures already, just imagine what 7 days will bring...

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day 4 woooohoooooo Empty day 4 woooohoooooo

Post by LOOPYLOU on Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:24 am

hi all this is day 4 and cheated coz i just had to weigh 11lb loss already wooooohoooooo go me!!!!!!! yippie Very Happy Very Happy


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