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Post by Admin on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:21 pm

Hi Keebies. You may of noticed recently that our webstore pricing structure has changed. Previously all products that were VAT standard rated showed the full price you would pay for each item on the webstore.

Due to hosting updates whilst we were on Summer Vacation (you may also notice some other changes or pages that haven't transferred well - All in hand) the structure has been changed to show the product price less VAT. Vat is now added at checkout and you can clearly see the amount on your invoice.

As we felt this wasn't very clear when clients are researching our products we have added a line of text to each product that will have VAT added at checkout so that all clients are notified. Our prices may therefore presently look as though they have reduced but they are exactly the same as before, they simply do not include the VAT due, the difference will now be added at Checkout.

May we also take this opportunity to advise our clients that it has recently come to our notice that Diet Meal Bars with less than 200kcal etc are not considered a Zero Rated food supply and you may of already noticed some other providers are showing VAT at Standard Rate on their Meal Bars.

We feel this is going to be a long drawn out court case when the larger companies are affected as their bars should also fall into the same category and unsure at this stage what is happening with these Companies and believe HMRC are doing the rounds. Our feedback is limited due to confidentiality and data protection. Unfortunately our company has been one of the first targeted by HMRC and we must now by law apply 17.5% Standard Rate VAT to all our Meal Bars - WC & Total and this will take affect over the next few days. Please note this is not our increase or our choice but a Tax Law and Tax charge.

Of course we have challenged this update with HMRC as we feel all Meal Replacements are a positive food product designed to assist with weight loss & obesity and they are used to substitute conventional foods. Unfortunately even though we are challenging HMRC findings we must still charge VAT to our clients and repay HMRC with these funds as these are the present guidelines. All we can do is try to overturn these guidelines.

Our system will shortly be updated to show this VAT change and therefore our bars will be shown on our website at their present price of £8.05 per box / £1.25 per bar and the necessary VAT due will be added at checkout and on your invoice. - VAT added at 17.5% - £1.20 per box / 22p per bar.

We truly appreciate that this seems a huge increase and pride ourselves on realistic prices, we are doing everything we can to challenge this decision with HMRC, we believe that us and other smaller operators have been targeted first and then HMRC will be contacting the larger companies Lighterlife etc, who all provide similar bars that are also Standard Rated and will be affected due to their similar composition and calorie content.

Our shakes, soups, porridges and meals are not affected and will remain Zero Rated, hopefully if you are trying desperately to lose weight in this difficult financial time you can still therefore use the huge variety of other products we offer and may even consider introducing some new flavours, cold drinks, yoghurt to replace bars and keep within your personal dieting budget.

We welcome any comments, views or information you would like to share with us.......... We do feel that it is extremely counter productive that Diet Foods & specifically Meal Replacements are targeted for Standard Rate VAT. Health Departments are harping on about Obesity, Healthy Eating and the strain Obesity has on the NHS, yet they are targeting a fairly new diet market that is providing such positive results in reduction of Obesity - reducing medical conditions & prolonged medication, with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes to name just a few.

Following a VLCD with Meal Replacements allows the user to abstain from conventional Zero Rated foods, allows them to shed weight quickly and easily and then move onto maintainence so they can adopt a healthy eating lifestyle for their future health. VAT Notice Icon_evil

It makes no sense ...................

Sorry if got we are getting on a Soap Box......
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