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Looking to start this diet...

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Re: Looking to start this diet...

Post by marionlake1982 on Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:46 am

Hi Mel how you gettting on? I started today feel exited and nervous but got through one day atleast as gonna go to bed. think i may spend most time in bed to make days go quicker lol.
good luck xxx


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Post by Kyla on Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:42 am

Hi Mel

Just thought I'd see how you were getting on as you've been on the diet a few days now. Hope its going well.

Regards Kyla bounce

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Re: Looking to start this diet...

Post by MJ on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:27 am

Welcome to the forum Melanie.

I am sure you will do well. Just keep focused and think how you will feel when you have reached your target. It's an amazing feeling. Having said that, make you goals realistic and aim a 7lbs at a time, it doesn't seem so hard that way. bounce


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Re: Looking to start this diet...

Post by abbi.johnson2 on Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:18 am

Hi Mel,

I too am starting on the 1st August but I have come from Lighter Life where I lost about 5 stones and then fell pregnant (I couldn't get pregnant when I was overweight) now I'm not earning and want to be on maternity for as long as possible I cannot afford to go back to LL so I'm giving this a go. All the reviews sound fab and I can't wait (albeit slightly nertvous to start again!!

In terms of ketosis it affects everyone differently but I found that after 3 days and an amazing weight loss after these 3 days I stoppped the craving, but some people said it took upto 2 weeks for it to be more manageable.

Just take each day at a time, that's all I did and weigh yourself after 3 days and you'll be amazed at the loss already. You'll have more energy, you'll feel some pangs of loss of chocolate when people around you are eating but it's amazing how quickly you become quite virtuous not wanting to go back to the food!

Good Luck I'm sure you can do it.

Abs x


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Re: Looking to start this diet...

Post by Kyla on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:20 pm

Hi Melanie

Good Luck with starting the diet. I set myself a start date and found it easier to begin the diet as I'd planned the date. I expected to feel really hungry and was surprised to find that I wasn't at all. I was recommended to take Psyllium Husks (Fibre) with my diet, they are brilliant and I have had no problems. I am following the Full Meal Replacement and having 4 sachets a day (if you get hungry you can have an extra 2). I tried lots of flavours at the begining and settled for the the ones that I like. I have the occasional bar if I need somthing sweet. Nothing worse than dieting and not enjoying what you're eating. The chocolate pudding is lovely - I make it in to a mousse with 100ml water and leave it in the fridge to go cold. If your not sure if you'll like something just buy one pack you don't want to be left with a cupboard full of stuff you don't like. When you start the diet try not to plan any events where you might be tempted to cheat. Once you start loosing weight that is incentive enough for you to stick to the diet. Buy the shaker so you have the spring as it mixes the powder better. I found the shaker too big and use the spring in a smaller beaker that I got form Tesco. (Don't use the shaker with the hot sachets use a elec mixer affraid ). Good Luck with the diet.

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Looking to start this diet...

Post by melanie81 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:30 am

Hi Ladies,

Am going to be starting this diet on 1st August in yet another attempt to shift some weight!
I have PCOS and am insulin resistant and have been seeing the nutritionist for 18 months and lost the sum total of 8lbs, despite eating healthily AND exercising!

I have now been told that unless I lose some weight and get my BMI below 28 that I will not be considered for any kind of fertility treatment, so I have a MASSIVE amount of willpower to make this work!

I am really unsure of which plan I should go on to, as whilst I really want to lose the weight I don't want to feel hungry... I have read up on ketosis and am hoping that it will kick in quickly! confused

Are there any tips anyone has on how to get through the first week without wanting to kill/eat someone!!! Shocked

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Looking to start this diet...

Post by Sponsored content

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