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Hello to everyone

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Less of You

Post by Magpie29 on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:02 am

Hi Jeannie

Love your username - there really will be less of you soon! Very Happy

I'm an ex-Lighter Lifer too, as quite a few people here seem to be. I didn't get to my goal weight though, I gave up after a couple of weeks. I've been on every diet going, including the downright barmy ones! And like you, I too have wardrobes and bags and boxes full of clothes to shrink into. My 'wear now' clothes consist of two pairs of trousers and four blouses for work (I do four days a week, so that works out), and scruffy old jogging bottoms and t-shirts for home. It's sad how your life can dwindle down to this!

Anyway, the good news is that the Kee diet works. I'm halfway into my second week and have lost 15lbs since I started. Lost a few pounds before starting, but it was hard work! This diet is the easiest thing ever. Easier than LL because you have a bit more flexibility, such as optional salad or veg, or adding an extra product. I'm sure you'll be feeling great again soon.

Holidays are great motivators - I'm on mine in June, and determined to look at least halfway decent in a swimsuit.

Good Luck! I'll look forward to seeing you post your successes!


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Hello to everyone

Post by lessofme on Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:40 am

Hi all,
I am about to embark on my weight loss journey and am full of hope and excitement. I can't wait to get started and shift some of the excess that has crept back on over the past few years. I have followed so many diets, some healthy some down right mad and bad, but the quest continues!!
I did the lighterlife programme about four years ago but unfortunately over the time the weight has gradually crept back on. I now find myself a stone less than my heaviest weight affraid and am determined not to end up back at my all time heaviest or even worse more than that. I swore last time I would never put the weight back on and I felt absolutely brilliant, but, I don't know if anyone else is like me, I watched the scales go up and up and yet kept telling myself I'd be alright and that somehow I'd miraculously lose it. Obviously that never happened Rolling Eyes and I now have a wardrobe of clothes that are too tight, I threw all the big sizes away when I lost weight (for some reason I never throw away the clothes that are too tight, I always think I'll slim back into them. I now have more clothes to slim into than I can wear in my wardrobe!).
I am going on holiday in May and want to feel good by then, rather than feeling like I should be hiding in the shadows Very Happy
Hope we can all help one another to feel and look good and share any tips we may pick up along the way.
Good luck to you all and I look forward to seeing the scales plummet!! cheers flower


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