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ActiDiet - Diet Shake Review !!

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ActiDiet - Diet Shake Review !! Empty ActiDiet - Diet Shake Review !!

Post by KeeSupport on Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:28 am

We noticed an ActiDiet advert recently on Google "Why Choose ActiDiet......"  firstly we are extremely complimented that a competitor diet company is trying to measure themselves against our high standards of service and quality of products, but would like to correct a few points that may give prospective new dieters the wrong impression...

Visit us & make your own mind up Smile The KeeDiet Website

ActiDiet mention that we don't offer Group Discount.  ActiDiet's group discount is one that you must initially pay to join.  We prefer not to charge for our Reward System.  We reward all our clients without them having to make a payment and instead offer 2% Loyalty Discount on each and every purchase, including the first.  This way our clients can save 2% on every purchase (shakes on next visit become 98p each) with us and have the choice to either save up your Loyalty Points or spend them each visit.  Here is a link direct to our

ActiDiet mention our cheapest meal is £1.00, this price is correct for our 100 Stock-Up Bundle, but this price is before any Loyalty Points have been deducted from your order.

ActiDiet state that our products are not 100% Aspartame Free.  This is true, but you will find that only 4 of our VLCD Total Products still contain Aspartame.  They are Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla Shakes.  The remaining 33 VLCD Meal Replacement Products are Aspartame Free. In total we offer a huge variety of 37 VLCD Products compared to ActiDiet who offer just 19.

ActiDiet state they offer Probiotic Shakes and we do not... After viewing this, we investigated to ascertain if this is something we wished to replicate and offer our clients.  After investigating we determined that until further research is carried out we prefer not to add a Probiotic supplement to our Shakes. There are benefits, but more research is required, an extremely reliable source is the NHS Choices online Website which is factual you can read more here if you wish.

excerpt taken from Actidiet online review...
[i]"Both brands offer a range of meal replacement diet plans. Each brand offers an intensive, full meal replacement plan as well as more flexible, slightly less structured, partial meal replacement plans.
ActiDiet’s two lowest calorie plans are specially deigned to make use of the body’s natural fat burning energy system: Ketosis. This allows dieters to not only lose weight quickly but to do so whilst feeling less hungry and less susceptible to cravings than on a conventional diet.
As an optional addition, ActiDiet provide a range of weight-loss supplements that can be combined with any plan to make further reduce hunger or boost results.
Similar the ActiDiet’s meals consist of shakes, soups and cooked meals. You get to choose any combination of meals you desire and all of them are free from harmful additives, as well as being nutritionally complete. ActiDiet have gone one step further by offering Probiotic Shakes and ensuring all products free from Aspartame too"
Click here if you wish to see the full review


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