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Newbie - switching from another VLCD

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Re: Newbie - switching from another VLCD

Post by Trisha107 on Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:45 pm


I've been on Slim & Save. It's very similar to Kee Diets. They have a little more flexibility when it comes to ordering, ie you can mix n match more, however not as many products.

I've got 5st more that I want to lose but loving my progress so far. I already use my fitness plan so will continue with that.

Thanks for the welcome!


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Welcome Trisha

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:26 pm

Hi Trisha and welcome to our forum and the KeeDiet Smile

That's a great weight loss result, how have you found VLCD dieting to the normal counting calorie plans and how much more to lose, you've definitely already got the results to show for your hard work Smile
What company did you follow with originally, you are allowed to mention Smile

Okay, to answer your Q - yes you can use RB weekdays and Social at weekends. if you select only permitted foods over the weekend and continue to drink the water you should remain in a mild Ketogenic condition as adding insufficient carbs to your routine and many use this system as a flexible VLCD.

You do need to be mentally strong because for some it can start you snacking, but those that master it - love it Smile

We looked into a tracker for meal planning and have put it on the bench for the moment he idea as there is so many updates happening to the KeeDiet this year. Many of our clients use Fitness Plan and we have yet to find a programme that beats this one. You can track your weight, plan your KeeDiet meals and also add your foods for the weekends, it also tells you how much you should lose. it's a great little tool.

Many of our products have already been added and if not shown under KeeDiet ...... Just add and it will be there next time as clients add as they go.

Hope helped and keep in touch and let us know how we compare and how your doing, ohhh we sound so nosey Smile x

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Newbie - switching from another VLCD

Post by Trisha107 on Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:17 am

Hi everyone

I've been on a different VLCD since Jan 1 and have lost 2st 10lbs to date (another 5st to go). Saw Kee Diets when I was just googling for general info and decided to try it, mainly because of the variety of the products. Have only got a week's supply at the moment but it all looks good to me.

Got a couple of questions though - can you alternate between rapid burn and the social plan, i.e. rapid burn on week days and social plan at the weekend and is there planner/tracker anywhere so you can log your meals.



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Registration date : 2014-03-12

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Re: Newbie - switching from another VLCD

Post by Sponsored content

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