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Re: Struggling

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:56 pm

Hi Huetson!
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. We all know the familiar pang that we are restricted when it comes to yummies! Yes the school holidays can be a real challenge to get through when it comes to sweets and treats - have you considered a treat pot? Its a little restrictive on the kids too, which some may see as a little tricky but others see as a plus. Smile Make up a large jar or tub and cover it in some coloured paper - but it must be something you cant see through -and put it in your kitchen cupboard, filled with naughty things that the kids enjoy such as their bags of sweets, choc bars etc and anything else that's cheeky in the food dept! You restrict the treats to the kids being good, or at certain times of day which is 'treat time' - turn it into a lucky dip for them... they can rummage around and pull out a sweetie and it turns the game into a bit of fun. For you the bonus is that they are covered and all in one place and by doing 'treat time' you are getting the food out temporarily - its not surrounding you all the time, once out of sight out of mind etc. You just have to resist dipping your hand into the lucky dip and keeping the will power going!

If that's not an option then you may like to consider changing plans... can you tell me which plan you are following? The beauty of our plans is that they can have a certain amount of flexibility within them. If you aren't getting on too well with total food abstinence on the Rapid burn you can switch for a while to the Social plan which allows you one home-made meal each evening, from a list of permitted foods. This may alleviate the feelings of missing out and it can really make a difference when eating as a family - some people can feel a little alienated from family when sticking to a food abstinence programme, so perhaps to drop a stage for the school hols may be a good thing to try. The weight loss can still be fantastic and cans till be very quick so don't feel that it will hold you back - it could just be that if you have started ont he RB plan, you may have expected a little too much from yourself - no bad thing, it could just mean you need to mentally prepare a little more for that stage and the Social plan is a great way to do that.
Although the Social plan includes a list of permitted foods - please don't think its just as restrictive as the RB plan. there are lots of foods you can enjoy including some vegetables, a selection of meats, herbs and spices and some seafood. Don't forget that we are in bbq season - if its the right weather whee you are then get cooking if choosing to try the social plan! The family will love a good bbq and you can do some of the best chicken breasts, which are on the permitted list!!!Very Happy 
Remember to keep drinking the water and sticking to the rest of the plan, but if you are a foodie then just make the evening meal count - savour it and enjoy it and be 'social' with it and hopefully it will get you to a place where you feel ready to progress and perhaps take the next step.. plenty of people lose their weight on the social plan without ever having to go RB, so be mindful of that and go forwards! You say you have lost 9lbs already - that's the size of many babies! - its a lot of weight to lose when you look at it like that, so hold onto the inspiration of the weight that you have lost and try the above.. you may just need to find the right balance of whats right for you.

Let us know how you are getting on

Here if you need

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Post by huetson on Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:34 am

I am finding it difficult to stay motivated. Am blaming school hols as kids want treats all time and I just sit and watch them eat lovely food.

Lost 9lb on first week tho which is good, however weighed self this morning and not lost anything so temptation is calling..



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