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My Rapid Burn Diary..

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Re: My Rapid Burn Diary..

Post by MrsH on Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:27 am

How are you getting on now? Do keep us updated on your progress.

I am on day 4 now, no hunger but no ketosis either yet. Although I have lost 5 lbs already Smile Smile Smile  cheers 

Hope all is still going well for you xx

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Re: My Rapid Burn Diary..

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:30 pm

We really love hearing stories about our customers succeeding in their weight-loss goals. Congratulations, we can tell you are happy with yourself Smile

Keep going and you can achieve everything you aim to!

Congrats again- and thank you for contacting us. Keep it up Smile

Kee flower

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My Rapid Burn Diary..

Post by CamGi98 on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:49 pm

Hey all,

Whilst being on this VLCD i have found reading through blogs and forums such a help to me .So i thought i would start my own to keep me on track. 
I started Rapid Burn last week and am on Day 5. I have to be honest Day1-3 i could have eaten a horse...and chased the Jockey. HOWEVER i didnt Very Happy .I did add some zero noodles to my evening spag bowl though.
I coped with drinking plenty of water,and with the aid of visualization (you press your thumb and index fingertips together and close your eyes and envisage want you want to look like,what you will be wearing etc.) Then everytime i felt i was going to give up i simply pressed my fingers together and the "new me image" sprung into my head. Really helped me,others might think im crazy bounce

Day 4 was like i had walked through fog. I woke up,not hungry,not dizzy or that feeling like the back of my head isnt there lol. I had energy ,and remembered only around 9pm last night i still had not had my bar,it was great. 

Im currently having the Apple and Cinnamon Porridge for breakfast which is lush,then a caramel smoothie,again ..lush,one day and a choc mint shake the next (not to keen on them) and alternating spag bol/chilli with broccoli each day,ending with a chocolate crunch bar. 

I did peak at the scales this morning,and still have 2 days to go,but i have already lost 9lbs! affraid

Onwards and Upwards !

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Re: My Rapid Burn Diary..

Post by Sponsored content

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